Benefits Of Using Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager was a platform I was at first apprehensive at getting into. Sometimes stepping into the unknown leads right to something amazing, and that is just what happen when I delved into the world of Google Tag Manager. This platform is perfect for those of us who have enough code knowledge to be dangerous, in a good way. No more badgering the tech guy, well almost never.

Through this platform, we can now track our clients’ web users clicks on elements such as “Read More” buttons, downloads of PDF’s, outbound link clicks to social media or other sites, clicks on links to email or call from the website, and so much more. This tells us what is relevant and what is not on the site, along with other valuable information.

Oh the excitement is oozing as I type this post. Are you wondering what Google Tag Manager can do for your site? Give us a call today to find out more.

Brand That Funky Music

Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design



School pride starts with the right brand. Northwest Band Boosters approached us about laying out some new artwork for t-shirts, hats, and stickers. These items would be sold to help raise funds for the boosters for uniform cleaning/repair, as well as other fun stuff for the band kid to enjoy.

Here are some of the concepts. If you have ever worked on a committee, the process of reviewing each design can take some time and some of the concepts may change before a decision is finally made. We don’t mind that process and hope that they want to move forward with all of them?

If you are looking for graphic support for your business, school, or charity …Let’s talk!

Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design

Importance Of Data

Google Analytics Data Tracking


Leave no good data unturned, I believe the saying goes. At least here at UB Advert. The best laid plans are just plans, without accurate data and analysis. Through collecting data, using Google Analytics, we can develop a strategy that is geared toward increasing the performance of your website.

Not sure if your website is collecting the right data? We can analyze your Google Analytics, develop reports, create filters to remove spam, and develop Google Tags that will enhance the information being collected.

Google Certifications (AdWords and Analytics) – What Are They and Why They Matter

Google AdWords and Analtyics


The Google AdWords certification is for professionals who demonstrate fundamentals of the platform and advanced aspects in creating, managing, and analyzing pay-per-click campaigns. Google recognizes an individual who has past the exams as an expert in online advertising. To remain certified, you must be retake the exams yearly.


Google Analytics is a very powerful tool in analyzing online traffic and behavior on your website. The platform is easy enough for beginners to use. However, in the hands of an expert, the data collected can become an advanced marketing tool that can propel your business strategy to the next level. So, for qualified users who demonstrate proficient knowledge of the platform through examination, they are recognized by Google with the Google Analytics Certificate. To remain in certified, you must retake the exam every 18 months.


We believe it demonstrates a higher level of proficiency, experience, and trustworthiness for our clients to have their marketing team hold these certifications. Here at UB Advert, we are Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified.

A Beautiful Day for Web Design

Foltz Center Website Design


In a small town, the community is everything. That’s why we loved putting together this site for East Canton’s Foltz Community Center. The wedding industry is their main market so we focused our effort on that target audience while trying to appeal to corporate sponsored events. We created the site before UB Advertising truly became a thing but we wanted to show it off anyway.


We worked closely with a few board members to come up a responsive website but also took the time to rework the brand with a new logo design and color palette.

UB Advertising can design your business logo and website …Let’s talk!

Should You Blog?

Biris Jewelers Blog Article


Should your site have a blog? The short answer is… probably, yes. By doing a blog it helps start to establish roots in your particular market as an authority. Which helps potential customers searching for information about your industries’ products and/or services find you. This starts to build trust with them. From that perspective blogging also helps convert traffic into leads as your content continues to grow. So maybe the question is… why haven’t you started blogging? UB Advertising can help …Let’s talk!

Biris Jewelers Blog Article Biris Jewelers Blog Article Biris Jewelers Blog Article Biris Jewelers Blog Article Biris Jewelers Blog Article

Responsive Steel Website

Ryco Steel Website Design


When starting out, Ryco Steel knew they needed a responsive website designed to be able to effectively communicate to their business clients. UB Advert stepped up to the challenge and a unique challenge it was. The steel industry is very established in philosophy and slow to adapt to new marketing ideas, but ultimately we were able to get a responsive website together for them. UB Advertising can help get your website together …Let’s talk!

All Boxed Up

nüCamp RV Packaging Design


Most of the time clean and simple wins outright. Such as the case here with the packaging design for nüCamp RV. This box will hold various paper work and instruction manuals, along with a few getting-started gift items for customers who have purchased a camper.

Nothing overly complicated in the layout. Our goal was just to have something simple, clean and put the brand in good light. Mission accomplished!

nüCamp RV Packaging Design nüCamp RV Packaging Design nüCamp RV Packaging Design

UB Advertising can help with your packaging design …Let’s talk!