Knowledge + Dedication + Experience = Certified Google Partner

Knowledge + Dedication + Experience = Certified Google Partner

UB Advertising is happy to announce we are now a Certified Google Partner with an emphasis in search advertising. Our commitment to excellence, our dedication to our customers success, and through our team’s extensive experience and knowledge in Google Ads; we are proud to have earned such an accomplishment.

Certified Google Partner

As we strive to be the best we can be, we at UB Advertising have been able to put our knowledge to work within Google Ads to become a Certified Google Partner. Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google. We use this service to help clients promote their brand, services, and products using search, remarketing, display, shopping and video ads to their target audience.

Using Google Ads best practices and through our experience and knowledge, our clients’ account performance has shown to increase in sales, leads, or brand awareness after coming aboard UB Advertising. Google has recognized our successes within their marketing platform and now has designated UB Advertising as a Google Partner.

Through this partnership we are also able to receive exclusive partner rewards that will benefit our clients and be one of the first in line for Google product and service announcements; keeping our clients in the forefront over the competition.

How We Achieved Certified Google Partner

There are three main objectives when achieving a Certified Partner by Google. First, our team has to be Google Ads certified. To become Google Ads certified, one must pass two exams. The first one confirms knowledge in the fundamentals of Google Ads. The second exam demonstrates expertise in a specific type of ad format. These specializations include Search, Mobile, Display, Shopping, and Video. At UB Advertising, we take great pride in our team being Google Ads Certified.

Secondly, we demonstrated our expertise by increasing our clients’ successes within their ad accounts. We have done this by following Google Ads best practices in account structure and setup, keyword targeting, product placement, maximizing budget, increased return on investment, and more.

Last but not least, by establishing ourselves as an industry leader in Google Ads, our clientele has grown exponentially. We are happy to see this growth manifesting into new types and sizes of companies that continue to push our knowledge and understanding of various markets. Our outside-the-box thinking and creativity helps us promote and grow our clients’ portfolio to an ever-changing digital world.


With this certification, we at UB Advertising, continue to show how we stand out from our competition, prove our dedication to our clients success, commitment to excellence, and knowledge of Google Ads. With our continual growth, we will always push ourselves to exceed our clients expectations in service, results, and expertise.

We thank our current, past and prospective clients of UB Advertising in entrusting us to grow your brand awareness and generate high quality leads and sales.

CoSchedule: More Than A Social Media Scheduler


CoSchedule is a content scheduler on steroids. They offer a unified project calendar for your teams or clients, integration with your email marketing programs like MailChimp, built-in social media scheduling and publishing, project timelines, discussion threads, and a nice bonus is the direct integration with your WordPress site for creating, scheduling and publishing your blog posts.

Our Take

Our team was looking for a more robust social media scheduling tool similar to Hootsuite, that could bring our teams under one roof, so to speak. With CoSchedule, the ease of integration with our team and our current softwares has been superb. We highly recommend using this fabulous tool for your team.