Logo Design for a CPA

Logo Design and Development •

We created a logo for Geri Bowman, CPA. Playing off the last name, the arrow represents that she is a straight shooter and gives tax and accounting advice right on target. We chose the font Country Side which is a nice serif font with a small town feel to it – very approachable.

Geri Bowman CPA Logo Design Color

Geri Bowman CPA Logo Design Color

Geri Bowman CPA Logo Design Black

Nowadays you can’t really design a brand without some sort of icon that will be used as a favicon or a social media profile picture.

Geri Bowman CPA Icon Design Color

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Brochure Design Video


Having a great product means having a great brochure to help show it off. We spent some time developing a lovely brochure highlighting the features and benefits of nüCamp’s T@G and T@B teardrop trailers and campers.

This short video quickly breezes through all twenty pages showing off some great product photos in a superb layout, if we do say so ourselves. 😁

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nüCamp Product Brochure Design

Brand That Funky Music

Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design



School pride starts with the right brand. Northwest Band Boosters approached us about laying out some new artwork for t-shirts, hats, and stickers. These items would be sold to help raise funds for the boosters for uniform cleaning/repair, as well as other fun stuff for the band kid to enjoy.

Here are some of the concepts. If you have ever worked on a committee, the process of reviewing each design can take some time and some of the concepts may change before a decision is finally made. We don’t mind that process and hope that they want to move forward with all of them?

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Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design Northwest Band Boosters T-Shirt Design

All Boxed Up

nüCamp RV Packaging Design


Most of the time clean and simple wins outright. Such as the case here with the packaging design for nüCamp RV. This box will hold various paper work and instruction manuals, along with a few getting-started gift items for customers who have purchased a camper.

Nothing overly complicated in the layout. Our goal was just to have something simple, clean and put the brand in good light. Mission accomplished!

nüCamp RV Packaging Design nüCamp RV Packaging Design nüCamp RV Packaging Design

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Direct Mail Delivers

Direct Mail MarketingDIRECT MAIL DELIVERS •

Direct mail marketing isn’t as popular as it was, but still can be effective when trying to reach a specific audience. Just this past tax season, we had a client send out a couple of direct mail pieces that we helped design and fine-tune the messaging. They sent it to their current clientele so the response was better then if sending it “blind”.

The first piece was designed to introduce a new product and the second piece, the follow-up, was designed as a reminder that was sent closer to tax season. Ultimately it was a success for them as they were able to generate new business from direct mail.

Direct Mail Marketing ONE FOR CORPORATE

We experimented with another direction that had a bit more of a “corporate” look. While we liked it, we felt that it didn’t fit within the client brand as well as the others.

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Reworking a Brochure

nüCamp RV T@B Brochure Animation


One question we seem to get a lot when talking to clients is: should we start new or rework and existing design? There are some factors to consider… is the current design meeting your current goals? Is the layout outdated? Is the messaging? Does the design budget allow for something completely new? Depending on how those questions are answered will determine if a rework or a completely new design is needed.

We recently did a rework for a brochure for nüCamp RV. The content was good, just needed to update the layout to be a bit more consistent and correct a couple of design issues. The budget was also not there to rework the whole thing at this present moment. As you can see in the before and after pictures, nothing major really changed. Sometimes subtle changes to a layout can give better returns.

nüCamp RV T@B Brochure AfternüCamp RV T@B Brochure Before


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HOF Marathon Map

Canton HOF Marathon Map 2017


Running is an art. If you complete a marathon, full or half… no matter what your time, it’s a masterpiece. UB Advert has respect for anyone who can run around the block, let alone a marathon. We aren’t really runners here. (Maybe run to the fridge to grab some iced tea.) Luckily this year we are a step closer in participating – We got to design the layout for the course map. Kudos to all those who are going to run and kudos to everyone who is involved in making the race happen. For more info on the race please visit www.hofmarathon.com.

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Is Print Coming Back In Vogue?

Various nüCamp RV Advertisements for Magazines


The last few projects that have come through UB Advert’s door have been print related. I’m actually kinda of excited. Partly because any new design job is welcome. But mostly it’s because the amount of print work that has come through our door. A few magazine ads and a full-line brochure. Just to name a few.

I feel like it’s back in the day. Sketching out ideas, figuring how the page spreads will work together. Is that a saddle stitch? Paper choices galore. I guess it takes a certain type to be excited about that stuff… but I’m here to declare that prints not dead!


nüCamp RV Full Page Magazine Ad nüCamp RV Barn Door Magazine Ad nüCamp RV Full Page Magazine Ad

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