Brochure Design Video


Having a great product means having a great brochure to help show it off. We spent some time developing a lovely brochure highlighting the features and benefits of nüCamp’s T@G and T@B teardrop trailers and campers.

This short video quickly breezes through all twenty pages showing off some great product photos in a superb layout, if we do say so ourselves. 😁

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nüCamp Product Brochure Design

Website Graphic Support

Website Graphic Support


Sometimes companies just need graphic support for their website. Such was the case for nüCamp RV. They designed their website so the end user could actively click and see the color accents of their products. Well someone needs to supply the images for that and that someone was UB Advert.

What you may not realize is that the work is done using a graphic editor, in this case, Adobe Photoshop. We masked the base first. Then mask the color accents and adjust the color setting for each to match exactly the colors offered. Finally, each one is saved individually and sent to the web developer. The web developer does their magic and voila! a product custom color picker has been created. UB Advertising can create the right images for your website …Let’s talk!

Website Graphic Support

All Boxed Up

nüCamp RV Packaging Design


Most of the time clean and simple wins outright. Such as the case here with the packaging design for nüCamp RV. This box will hold various paper work and instruction manuals, along with a few getting-started gift items for customers who have purchased a camper.

Nothing overly complicated in the layout. Our goal was just to have something simple, clean and put the brand in good light. Mission accomplished!

nüCamp RV Packaging Design nüCamp RV Packaging Design nüCamp RV Packaging Design

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Reworking a Brochure

nüCamp RV T@B Brochure Animation


One question we seem to get a lot when talking to clients is: should we start new or rework and existing design? There are some factors to consider… is the current design meeting your current goals? Is the layout outdated? Is the messaging? Does the design budget allow for something completely new? Depending on how those questions are answered will determine if a rework or a completely new design is needed.

We recently did a rework for a brochure for nüCamp RV. The content was good, just needed to update the layout to be a bit more consistent and correct a couple of design issues. The budget was also not there to rework the whole thing at this present moment. As you can see in the before and after pictures, nothing major really changed. Sometimes subtle changes to a layout can give better returns.

nüCamp RV T@B Brochure AfternüCamp RV T@B Brochure Before


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Is Print Coming Back In Vogue?

Various nüCamp RV Advertisements for Magazines


The last few projects that have come through UB Advert’s door have been print related. I’m actually kinda of excited. Partly because any new design job is welcome. But mostly it’s because the amount of print work that has come through our door. A few magazine ads and a full-line brochure. Just to name a few.

I feel like it’s back in the day. Sketching out ideas, figuring how the page spreads will work together. Is that a saddle stitch? Paper choices galore. I guess it takes a certain type to be excited about that stuff… but I’m here to declare that prints not dead!


nüCamp RV Full Page Magazine Ad nüCamp RV Barn Door Magazine Ad nüCamp RV Full Page Magazine Ad

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