Getting Ranked Again


Richard’s Garage approached UB Advert asking if we could help them rank in Google again. They said at one time they were ranking pretty well on quite a few different key terms. After reviewing their site and where they were currently ranking, we decided some major changes needed to take place. We mapped out a strategic plan and executed it.

One of the biggest issues was that their current site was created before mobile computing took off and was still designed to be desktop only. So we designed them a simple responsive website so that all platforms could render the content well. We also implemented many “white-hat” SEO business practices and am proud that they are ranking rather well on the key terms we were targeting.

Richard's Garage Website Design and SEO Ranking


We try and coach our clients that websites aren’t every truly “done”. Google changes how they rank sites. Design trends continue to evolve. Content needs to be updated, etc. If you haven’t thought about your website for awhile, now is the time to start doing so again. UB Advertising can help …Let’s talk!