Website Graphic Support

Website Graphic Support


Sometimes companies just need graphic support for their website. Such was the case for nüCamp RV. They designed their website so the end user could actively click and see the color accents of their products. Well someone needs to supply the images for that and that someone was UB Advert.

What you may not realize is that the work is done using a graphic editor, in this case, Adobe Photoshop. We masked the base first. Then mask the color accents and adjust the color setting for each to match exactly the colors offered. Finally, each one is saved individually and sent to the web developer. The web developer does their magic and voila! a product custom color picker has been created. UB Advertising can create the right images for your website …Let’s talk!

Website Graphic Support

A Beautiful Day for Web Design

Foltz Center Website Design


In a small town, the community is everything. That’s why we loved putting together this site for East Canton’s Foltz Community Center. The wedding industry is their main market so we focused our effort on that target audience while trying to appeal to corporate sponsored events. We created the site before UB Advertising truly became a thing but we wanted to show it off anyway.


We worked closely with a few board members to come up a responsive website but also took the time to rework the brand with a new logo design and color palette.

UB Advertising can design your business logo and website …Let’s talk!

Responsive Steel Website

Ryco Steel Website Design


When starting out, Ryco Steel knew they needed a responsive website designed to be able to effectively communicate to their business clients. UB Advert stepped up to the challenge and a unique challenge it was. The steel industry is very established in philosophy and slow to adapt to new marketing ideas, but ultimately we were able to get a responsive website together for them. UB Advertising can help get your website together …Let’s talk!

Getting Ranked

Biris Jewelers Website and SEO



Biris Jewelers is a great jewelry store serving Canton and surrounding areas that couldn’t be found on the internet. So we did what we do and helped their site gain some traction on various search key phrases. They didn’t want to change the look of the site so we re-worked it to be responsive while keeping their look and feel, started their jewelry blog, and did many “white-hat” SEO business practices. All that and the return has been overwhelmingly positive for them! UB Advertising can help with your website SEO …Let’s talk!

Getting Ranked Again


Richard’s Garage approached UB Advert asking if we could help them rank in Google again. They said at one time they were ranking pretty well on quite a few different key terms. After reviewing their site and where they were currently ranking, we decided some major changes needed to take place. We mapped out a strategic plan and executed it.

One of the biggest issues was that their current site was created before mobile computing took off and was still designed to be desktop only. So we designed them a simple responsive website so that all platforms could render the content well. We also implemented many “white-hat” SEO business practices and am proud that they are ranking rather well on the key terms we were targeting.

Richard's Garage Website Design and SEO Ranking


We try and coach our clients that websites aren’t every truly “done”. Google changes how they rank sites. Design trends continue to evolve. Content needs to be updated, etc. If you haven’t thought about your website for awhile, now is the time to start doing so again. UB Advertising can help …Let’s talk!