Stuff We Created For Print & More

Logo Design for a CPA
Logo Design and Development • We created a logo for Geri Bowman, CPA. Playing off the last name, the arrow Read more.
Brochure Design Video
PRODUCT BROCHURE DESIGN • Having a great product means having a great brochure to help show it off. We spent Read more.
Brand That Funky Music
SCHOOL PRIDE •   School pride starts with the right brand. Northwest Band Boosters approached us about laying out some new Read more.
All Boxed Up
ALL BOXED UP AND READY TO GO • Most of the time clean and simple wins outright. Such as the case here Read more.
Direct Mail Delivers
DIRECT MAIL DELIVERS • Direct mail marketing isn’t as popular as it was, but still can be effective when trying Read more.
Reworking a Brochure
TO REWORK OR START NEW • One question we seem to get a lot when talking to clients is: should Read more.
HOF Marathon Map
CANTON HALL OF FAME MARATHON 2017 • Running is an art. If you complete a marathon, full or half… no Read more.
Is Print Coming Back In Vogue?
PRINT IS NOT DEAD! • The last few projects that have come through UB Advert’s door have been print related. Read more.