Importance Of Data

DATA • Leave no good data unturned, I believe the saying goes. At least here at UB Advert. The best laid plans are just plans, without accurate data and analysis. Through collecting data, using Google Analytics, we can develop a strategy that is geared toward increasing the performance of your website. Not sure if your […]

Google Certifications (AdWords and Analytics) – What Are They and Why They Matter

GOOGLE ADWORDS • The Google AdWords certification is for professionals who demonstrate fundamentals of the platform and advanced aspects in creating, managing, and analyzing pay-per-click campaigns. Google recognizes an individual who has past the exams as an expert in online advertising. To remain certified, you must be retake the exams yearly. GOOGLE ANALTYICS • Google […]

Should You Blog?

SHOULD YOUR COMPANY BE BLOGGING? • Should your site have a blog? The short answer is… probably, yes. By doing a blog it helps start to establish roots in your particular market as an authority. Which helps potential customers searching for information about your industries’ products and/or services find you. This starts to build trust with […]

Responsive Steel Website

RIGID PRODUCT – RESPONSIVE SITE • When starting out, Ryco Steel knew they needed a responsive website designed to be able to effectively communicate to their business clients. UB Advert stepped up to the challenge and a unique challenge it was. The steel industry is very established in philosophy and slow to adapt to new marketing ideas, […]

All Boxed Up

ALL BOXED UP AND READY TO GO • Most of the time clean and simple wins outright. Such as the case here with the packaging design for nüCamp RV. This box will hold various paper work and instruction manuals, along with a few getting-started gift items for customers who have purchased a camper. Nothing overly complicated in […]

Direct Mail Delivers

DIRECT MAIL DELIVERS • Direct mail marketing isn’t as popular as it was, but still can be effective when trying to reach a specific audience. Just this past tax season, we had a client send out a couple of direct mail pieces that we helped design and fine-tune the messaging. They sent it to their current clientele so […]

Getting Ranked

  SEO RANKING • Biris Jewelers is a great jewelry store serving Canton and surrounding areas that couldn’t be found on the internet. So we did what we do and helped their site gain some traction on various search key phrases. They didn’t want to change the look of the site so we re-worked it […]

Social Media Promos

PROMOTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS • Being social is a large part of the human experience. It’s natural to want to be a part of it. Businesses should be engaging their customers and potential customers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Here a few examples of engaging content we put together for […]

Quick Social Media Video

SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO • We assembled this short, quick video for so they could promote their marching band t-shirts and stickers on their Instagram feed. We basically recorded the sounds of a band warming up for a competition. Then set the images with the good o’l Ken Burns effect. Popped in a splash screen and […]