Getting Ranked Again

SEO RANKING AGAIN • Richard’s Garage approached UB Advert asking if we could help them rank in Google again. They said at one time they were ranking pretty well on quite a few different key terms. After reviewing their site and where they were currently ranking, we decided some major changes needed to take place. […]

Reworking a Brochure

TO REWORK OR START NEW • One question we seem to get a lot when talking to clients is: should we start new or rework and existing design? There are some factors to consider… is the current design meeting your current goals? Is the layout outdated? Is the messaging? Does the design budget allow for something […]

HOF Marathon Map

CANTON HALL OF FAME MARATHON 2017 • Running is an art. If you complete a marathon, full or half… no matter what your time, it’s a masterpiece. UB Advert has respect for anyone who can run around the block, let alone a marathon. We aren’t really runners here. (Maybe run to the fridge to grab […]

Well, Hello There

IN CASE YOU ARE UNAWARE • We are UB Advertising – A uniquely different advertising, marketing, and creative agency focusing on helping small businesses reach and engage their customers. We opened our doors in 2017, but don’t worry we are experienced. Our staff has been working in the creative / design / marketing / advertising worlds for over 20 years. We are passionate […]