Become a Social Media Butterfly

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Let’s Get Social!

With the influx of quarantines, working from home professionals, social media has seen massive spikes in user activity and engagement. Some have even had to take drastic measures to ensure their platform remains stable with all of the increased usages. Netflix has turned off HD streaming in some countries, and Facebook has reduced video quality in certain regions to remain stable. With so many people spending more time on social media platforms, now is the perfect time for your business to engage, nurture relationships, and provide quality content for your audience. Even if you post weekly updates or spend time responding to messages, something is better than nothing, especially right now.

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Start Here. Start Today.

👉🏼  Step 1: Start putting out content no less than 2 times per week and no more than 5 times per week.

From weekly updates to special promotional offers, and even just getting to know your audience through polls/questions/or surveys, there social media sharing imageare a wide range of content types out there that do not require much time, effort, or resources to produce. Many marketers harp on the same old things like “people engage more with videos and photos”. While this is true in most scenarios, we are not in familiar territory, to say the least during this pandemic. People are spending more time on social media and are seeking ways to engage with their friends, family members, and businesses they support. Simply put, any content is better than nothing.

👉🏼  Step 2:   Be responsive and engaged with those who are engaging with you.

Being a responsive brand does more for your business than most think. For example, commenting back, replying to messages, and liking a shared post from a follower show that you, a brand that cares, are supportive, and one that is easy to reach. Aside from that, it also helps to build authority, trust, and a competitive edge. So if you follow Step 1 and a person shares your content, leave a like on it. If they comment, then like and reply to their comment. If they message you, respond promptly and focus on the relationship’s nurturing side rather than selling.

👉🏼  Step 3:  Monitor, adjust, and improve on an ongoing basis.

On each social platform, there is usually an insights section. These insights hold everything you need to understand your audience and the type of content they find interesting. Looking at reach, engagements, and activity feeds can help influence next week’s content and provide content that is more likely to be engaged with, shared, and clicked.

Our final piece of advice for you is never to shy away from experimenting or trying new things, and never give up! If a post or published piece of content does not get the engagements you’re looking for, take a step back. Think from a consumer standpoint why people may not have left a like, comment, or reaction. Then take this newfound information and apply it to the next post. Making small tweaks to your overall tone, style, and structure can make tremendous differences. Now get out there and become a social media butterfly!

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