Healing Your Marketing Woes – Handling a Negative Online Review


Open Door Policy

At UB Advertising, we believe in the power of an open door, especially when it leads to impromptu visits from our clients. Picture this: a client walks in, slightly panicked, grabs a spare office chair, and promptly helps themselves to our stash of delicious chocolates. They received a negative online review which for them was a marketing “emergency,” and you know what? We’re here for them.

Marketing emergencies can strike anytime but don’t worry because we’ve got your back. We’ve been there for countless clients who have found themselves in the throes of marketing troubles, and we’re ready to help you, too.

Introducing a Blog Series

Introducing our latest series, “The Doctor is IN: Healing Your Marketing Woes.” Consider us your marketing therapist, armed with an arsenal of creative strategies and innovative solutions. Whether you’re facing a crisis in your social media presence or struggling to connect with your target audience, we’re here to prescribe the right remedy.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Meet G.R*, our chocolate-eating client who stopped by and needed our advice right away. He had a negative online review and wanted to know what to do about it. First, we said, have another piece of chocolate and don’t panic. Here’s our advice:

Acknowledge the review:

Acknowledging the customer’s experience and showing that you take feedback seriously is essential. This demonstrates a commitment to addressing any shortcomings.

Respond publicly:

Reply to the review politely and professionally, expressing gratitude for the feedback and apologizing for the customer’s negative experience. Offer to resolve the issue or provide a satisfactory resolution if appropriate. This demonstrates to potential customers that you are responsive and willing to address concerns.

Take the discussion offline:

Provide contact information within the public response, encouraging the dissatisfied customer to reach out directly to discuss the issue further. This way, you can privately address the concerns, potentially defusing any public dispute and showcasing a dedication to resolving customer issues.

Ask for updated feedback:

If you have made improvements or changes since the negative review, you can politely request the customer to consider updating or editing their review to reflect the current state of the business. This shows potential customers that the client is committed to continuous improvement.

Request more positive reviews:

Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on Google to counterbalance the impact of the negative online review. Having a more recent and higher number of positive online reviews will help potential customers gain a balanced perspective.

Monitor and learn from feedback:

Use the negative online review as an opportunity to identify potential areas for improvement within the business. By taking the feedback constructively, you can address any recurring issues to prevent similar situations in the future.

No Guarantees

Remember, addressing a negative online review does not guarantee that it will be removed or changed. Still, by responding and actively engaging with customers, you can showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction and create a positive perception for potential customers.

We Will Be Your Lifeline

If you need a marketing lifeline, swing open our door and join us for a chat. We’ll listen, we’ll brainstorm, and together, we’ll find the perfect recipe to sweeten your marketing efforts just like we do for our clients.

Let’s tackle your marketing woes together. The Doctor is IN, and the cure for your marketing woes is just a meeting away.


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